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Purveying the Science of Water Treatment Since 1999
If you want great tasting, fresh purified drinking water,
Clark's Quality Water has the perfect alternative to bottled water!
A reverse osmosis water purification system will give
you unlimited purified water at your fingertips.

Take advantage of the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system in your home. Since
bottled water has become an environmental issue because plastic bottles are
non biodegradable, a home reverse osmosis system is a more ecologically-friendly and
practical approach for acquiring purified drinking water.
Imagine the convenience of never having to tote
water into your home again!

Think of the health benefits you will receive from drinking fresh purified water right out of
your r/o tap!Not to mention the money you will save!
Our Ultima™ reverse osmosis water purifiers provide
all the benefits of bottled water, without impact to
the environment and on your health.
And that's not all!

Clark's Quality Water can also install a separate line from the water purification system to
your refrigerator so that even your ice cubes will look and taste better than ever!

Clark's Quality Water provides several options regarding reverse osmosis including
designer faucets to customize appearance All of our reverse osmosis systems use water
saving shut-offs, the highest quality water filters, and TFC membranes. Our Ultima™
Series Reverse Osmosis systems provide twice the flow of conventional
Reverse Osmosis systems.

All components are made in the USA, using the highest quality components.

Ultima™ WQA Gold Seal validation assures that each customer is getting the highest
quality product with proven performance.
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We are an authorized dealer of Ultima Water Systems.  We carry
a full line of standard Ultima products, we can also build a custom
system to fit your needs.
Ultima VI -  4 stage Reverse Osmosis System
(storage tank not shown)
Ultima VII -  5 stage Reverse Osmosis System
(storage tank not shown)